How to unlock nulgaths quests and shop

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How to unlock nulgaths quests and shop

Post  StoneAnialation on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:43 am

You have to do all of galanoths quests at /join lair

1.) Dragonslayer Veteran
Items Required:

Dragonslayer Veteran Medals x8
Dropped by Wyvern and Water Draconian

100 Gold
100 Exp

2.) DragonSlayer Sergeant Quest Requirements: Must have completed "Dragonslayer Veteran"
Items Required:

Dragonslayer Sergeant Medals x8
Dropped by Bronze Draconian
Dropped by Purple Draconian
Dropped by Venom Draconian

150 Gold
150 Exp

3.)Dragonslayer Captain Quest Requirements: Must have completed "Dragonslayer Sergeant"
Items Required:

Dragonslayer Captain's Medals x8
Dropped by Dark Draconian and Golden Draconian

200 Gold
200 Exp

4.) DragonSlayer Marshal Quest Requirements: Must have completed "Dragonslayer Captain"
Items Required:

Dragonslayer Marshal Medals x8
Dropped by Red Dragon

250 Gold
250 Exp

5.) DragonSlayer Reward
Items Required:

Wisps of Dragonspirit x12
Dropped from any monster in Vasalkar Lair

500 Gold
500 Exp


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