How To Get To Nulgath.

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How To Get To Nulgath. Empty How To Get To Nulgath.

Post  StoneAnialation on Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:02 am

Hello Everyone Very Happy

I am new here and my freind Dev9999 had told me to make an account and this is my first thread hope you enjoy!

Ok so first you need the following items:

50 Bone Dust (My strategy is killing people in swordhaven graveyard like big jack sprat)
Aracara's Fang (Killing Aracara in Faerie Forest)
Escherion's Chain (Killing Chaos Lord Escherion)
Hydra Scale (Killing Hydra) (If already done use book of lore to go back)
O-Dokuro's Tooth (Killing the head of O-Dokuru)
Strand Of Vaths Hair (Killing Chaos Lord Vath)

/join citadel then go in the cave and go to the right then keep going untill you get to the portal.

Go through the portal then kill 50 Dark Makai.

Then take a right then through the cave to the left.

Then go through the last light door on the right.

Then go up the long path looking way.

Then go through down.

Now click the cave doors in the following order:


And you should be there Very Happy

Please message if you need any help.

Thank You!!! Very Happy

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